New School Year ExpectationsI promise I'll quit establishing new topics once I run out of questions. But here's one that I think new teachers in particular can use:What categories do your classroom...

New School Year Expectations

I promise I'll quit establishing new topics once I run out of questions. But here's one that I think new teachers in particular can use:

What categories do your classroom expectations fall into at the outset of a school year? For instance, in my classroom, expectations have three bases -- Respect, Responsibility, and Attentiveness.

Using those three words, the class then understands they need to respect themselves, others, and property, and that they need to show responsibility for their belongings and actions. Lastly, attentiveness applies to any classroom activity -- listening to the speaker, staying on task with work, etc. I usually use "subheads" for each category, and my list of class expectations, if it were numbered, would come out to about seven "rules." Some would say that you should keep the list under five, but in all honesty, I find that very difficult in a secondary classroom.

Those among us who are venerated veterans, tell us which expectations you have found most useful in your classroom during your years of experience. Many thanks...

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Harry Wong's advice that without discipline no classroom can have learning is sound, indeed.  With discipline as central to learning, Wong suggests that teachers establish procedures for the first two weeks and not even worry about teaching.  While this sounds a bit miliaristic, his advice is sound, especially if one teaches in a school that has numerous troublesome students. Establishing order and procedures for group work, handing in papers, and whatever else the teacher wants done in a specific way saves much more time later on than two weeks' worth of instruction, especially if a teacher has what can become a very disorderly group.  Ironically, the students who are the hardest to get to conform are the first to point out any infraction of procedure.

Once the class procedures have been practiced through the two-week drill (hopefully, there is support from administrators), the teacher can pretty well control his/her classroom as, by this time, most students have decided that they like order, after all.  And, when they have mastered these expectations, the others can more easily be communicated.

kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I absolutely agree with your three bases!  I, too, emphasize these in my courses from DAY ONE.  I always tell my students that they MUST do these three things or they will see me turn into the Wicked Witch of the West LOL!  I do not tolerate disrespect from students.  They know they must respect their fellow students and me or they will be removed from the classroom immediately.  Our school policy also states that they can be kicked out of the course, as well.  

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I try to start the year by having students reflect on goals and behavior.  They think of goals they have, then which behaviors they will need to achieve them and which behaviors they will need to avoid.  This is always interesting, and gives them a chance to reflect, get good strategies and just start looking ahead in a positive light.

mrmr123 | Student

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