What plans does Juliet’s father make for her in Act III, Scene 4?  

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In scene four of Act III, Capulet decides that Juliet will be married to Paris, kinsman of the Prince of Verona. In fact, though Juliet will not come down from her chamber (she is with the soon-to-be-exiled Romeo, though Capulet thinks she is mourning Tybalt's death) he promises the young man that Juliet will be his bride just three days later:

Monday! ha, ha! Well, Wednesday is too soon. 
Thursday let it be— a Thursday, tell her 
She shall be married to this noble earl. 
Will you be ready? Do you like this haste? 

Paris is excited about the prospect, and the men agree to the union. What neither of them know is that Juliet has married Romeo. When she finds out that she is to be married to Paris, she protests, throwing her father into a rage. This development has thrown up a major complication for the two "star-cross'd lovers."

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