In H.E.Bates' short story "Never," how well was Nellie prepared for possible problems which could arise?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you asked multiple questions both times this question was posted, I have edited this question to pose the second question in your listing. The first question was answered in the other posting. 

Nellie, the protagonist in H. E. Bates' "Never," seems to prepare well, but this may not be true at all. The text states that Nellie packed the "blue dress first and after it a score of things she had just remembered." Nothing is said of what she actually packed. Even when the text talks about her money, nothing is said about her packing it (only about her counting it). Therefore, it would seem that Nellie packs well for her trip (insuring she is prepared for her trip). 

Nellie's packing is brought up a little further into the text, after she initially packs. Again, all that is specifically mentioned is the blue dress and things which covered it (still naming nothing specific). The money is again mentioned; yet, it is never stated that she actually packed it (only that it is safe). 

Therefore, it depends on a reader's interpretation of Nellie's packing to define if she prepared herself for her trip. 

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