In "Never" by H. E. Bates, how was Nellie received upon returning home?  (Question has been edited by educator to focus upon the final question of a list of questions posed together.) 

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

H. E. Bates' "Never" tells the story of Nellie, a girl who despises her life enough to plan her escape. Although she makes the plan, Nellie is unable to escape. 

Nellie, after haphazardly packing and checking the train schedule, is late to the train station. She is unable to escape from the people she hates and the life which has changed her. As she leaves, Nellie exclaims over and over again: "I’m going away-I’m going away.” No one pays attention--not even her father who only tells her to go to bed at ten o'clock. 

Upon reentering the house, no one has even noticed she had left. Still playing cards, her father is far more worried about never having a "descent hand." He is forever "looking" for the ace. Therefore, Nellie is not "received" upon her return for no one was aware that she had even left.