In "Never," a short story by H. E. Bates, what was Nellie's motivation for leaving?

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Nellie, the protagonist of H. E. Bates' short story "Never," profusely and repeatedly states, "I'm going away." Nellie gives three very specific reasons behind her motivation for leaving. First, Nellie states multiple times that she never does anything. Essentially, she lives the same life day after day. Second, Nellie states that she is going to leave because she hates everyone around her. Although she gives no real reason for this, her statement is blatant. Lastly, Nellie feels that she must leave because she has changed so much where she is that she "hardly knows" herself. 

Ironically enough, Nellie's problem (never doing anything) insures that she misses the train out of town. She is forced to continue not doing anything.