Never Let Me Go Questions and Answers
by Kazuo Ishiguro

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In chapter 7 of Never Let Me Go, Miss Lucy says, "It's just as well the fences at Hailsham aren't electrified. You get terrible accidents sometimes." What does she mean by this?

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Miss Lucy is teaching a poetry lesson to her English class and the topic of conversation falls on soldiers held in World War 2 prison camps.

"One of the boys asked if the fences around the camps had been electrified, and then someone else had said how strange it must have been, living in a place like that, where you could commit suicide any time you liked just by touching a fence."

The class pretends to joke about touching imaginary fences and getting electrocuted, and that's when Miss Lucy remarks about "terrible accidents." She juxtaposes the image of a prisoner of war intentionally killing himself on a fence with both the images of children playfully mocking...

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