What kind of moral and emotional responses does the novel "Never Let Me Go" provoke? Does the novel examine the possibility of human cloning as a legitimate question for medical ethics, or does it demonstrate that the human costs of cloning are morally repellent, and therefore impossible for science to pursue? What kind of moral and emotional responses does the novel provoke?

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Ishiguro's novel Never Let Me Go can be interpreted as a warning, demonstrating to readers that the technological advancements around human life are not without complex ethical and moral issues. These issues are displayed in the clones' deep emotional responses and powerful relationships with each other, so their treatment in the novel provokes intense emotion in many readers. Some readers may feel pity for the clones, who have little agency in their lives, and others may feel a deep sense of sorrow and guilt that the clones must suffer for others deemed more valuable than they. In terms of ethical responses, some readers may question what qualities separate humans from clones after all; is the inability to procreate enough to treat the...

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