In "Never" by H. E. Bates, how does Nellie react upon returning home? 

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nellie, the protagonist of H. E. BAtes' "Never," finds herself very unhappy with her life. She finds that she never does anything, that her life feels "dead, rotten," she hates everyone around her, and that she has changed so much she does not recognize herself. 

Making plans to go to Elden or Olde, to which does not matter, Nellie packs a bag (focusing upon a blue dress with a rosette). Although the story refers to her taking money, it is never stated that she actually puts any in her bag. 

Once at the train station, Nellie realizes that she has missed her train. She feels miserable, dejected, and cold; she returns home. Once home, Nellie cries out again and again. Refusing to give up, Nellie states that she will leave--"Some day! Some day!"

Nellie's reaction shows that she still possesses the hope that she will be able to leave one day. That said, she does not seem to prepare well.This could speak to the fact that she really does not wish to leave, only make places to leave. One could say that Nellie finds more hope in believing that things are different beyond her own world. 

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