The net external force on the propeller of a 3.7 kg model airplane is 6.8 N forward.What is the acceleration of the airplane? Answer in units of m/s^2.

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We know that force = mass*acceleration= m*a

The mass of the aeroplane = 3.7 kg and th net force forward is 6.8 N. Threfore, to find the acceleration we make use of the above equation:

6.8N= 3.7* a

So, a= 6.8N/3.7=1.8379m/s^2

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Mass = 3.7 kg and Force = 6.8 N

Force = Mass*Acceleration


Acceleration = Force/Mass

Substituting value of mass and force in the above equation:

Acceleration = 6.8/3.7 = 1.8378 M/s^2

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