In Neighbour Rosicky, how does teh area in which Anton Rosicky lives reflects his values?include details from the story to support your ideas

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dukesnyder1027 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This area of the U.S., the northern prairie, was settled by Scandinavians and northern Europeans looking for farmland similar to their homeland.  Life was difficult, but with hard work and devotion to routine they could survive.  The key was the family farm--self-sustained, yet part of a community which loved the land, had large families (the larger the better to share the work) with respectful, affectionate children.  The landscape is beautiful in an understated, straightforward way: flat, with crisp horizon and tremendous sky.  A man who sought simplicity and reliability in people, Rosicky loved it here because he reflected the love of nature and family, and the way that the two could work together.