What was the neighborhood kids' unanimous opinion regarding Mrs. Dubose?

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This is a good question. According to Scout, the unanimous opinion of the children about Mrs. Dubose was that she was the nastiest and meanest person in Maycomb. It is no wonder that Scout and Jem tried to avoid passing by her house at all costs. Scout also points out that there was no way of pleasing her, no matter how hard she tried. For instance, when Scout said, "Hey, Mrs. Dubose," Mrs. Dubose responded by saying: “Don’t you say hey to me, you ugly girl! You say good afternoon, Mrs. Dubose!”

To Kill A Mockingbird

In a succinct way, Scout say: "Mrs. Dubose was plain hell." Here is another quote that show what the neighborhood thought about her:

Mrs. Dubose lived two doors up the street from us; neighborhood opinion was unanimous that Mrs. Dubose was the meanest old woman who ever lived. Jem wouldn’t go by her place without Atticus beside him.

The person who had a different view of Mrs. Dubose was Atticus. He thought differently, because he knew her back story. He knew that she was a morphine addict who was trying to get clean before she died. This is why, according to Atticus, Mrs. Dubose was the bravest person he ever met. 


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