What are some examples of negative human-environment interaction?

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Human beings are dependent on the environment for their very survival and sustenance, and have been interacting with the environment for a very long time. These interactions have proved negative for the environment and several adverse effects have been reported. One of most important negative effect of our interactions with the environment is its degradation. Whether we talk about air or water or soil, we have polluted (pretty much) all of them. Our industrial and domestic discharges have polluted surface and groundwater sources, making them unfit for direct consumption. Similarly, our solid and liquid wastes have been discharged on land, which has contaminated the soil, making it unfit for crop growth. We constantly use fossil fuels, emissions of which have degraded our air quality and even resulted in global warming. The need for fuel and space forced us to cut trees, which has reduced the quantity of oxygen & food produced by these primary producers, while simultaneously increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Deforestation and spread of urban life has also forced animals and birds to leave their natural habitat. 

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