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What were the negative effects of industrial expansionism  during the Gilded age?

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During the Gilded age there was rapid economic growth, this growth created vast amounts of wealth. There were new products and technologies that led to the improvement in the quality of life of the middle class. However this new prosperity was not shared by everyone, the industrial workers and farmers worked in dangerous conditions for long hours with very little pay. The politicians during the Gilded Age were ineffective and corrupt. The majority of Americans during this time desired social and political reforms, however there were huge disagreements about what type of reform was needed. The unskilled workers of the day worked for long hours in dangerous conditions. These workers got paid very little and did not share the prosperity of the Gilded age. Many of these workers lived in slums. While the industrial giants made huge contributions to the development of the American economy the vast majority of Americans did not benefit from these changes. The economy allowed for few to gain...

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