Negative charged objects repel what object?

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Negatively charged objects would repel other objects with a similar charge, that being a negative charge.  Charges work like magnets; magnets have a positive pole, commonly called a north pole, and a negative pole, commonly referred to as a south pole.  Unlike charges attract each other.  If you place a north pole and a south pole in close proximity to each  other, they exert a force of attraction on each other.  If you do the same with two north poles or two south poles, they will repel each other, with enough force to physically push each other away.  Negatively charged objects are objects that have an excess of electrons artificially induced upon their surfaces.  A classic example is to take an amber rod and rub it vigorously with animal fur.  The animal fur will store electrons on the amber rod, and it can be used to demonstrate the repulsive quality with another negatively charged object.

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