I need you to write me a newspaper article on Haiti's earthquake. It has to have as much detail as possible.please help me

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is so much to write on, since the earthquake was absolutely enormous. So, you need to focus on a few things at most. Also there is so much information out there in terms of TV, Internet and newspapers that you need to narrow things down. Here are some suggestions of what you can write about. You can write about the loss of life and those injured. You can give people a sense of the magnitude, if you compare this with other natural disasters. Another possible topic is the long-term problems that the earthquake will produces, such as rebuilding the infrastructure, economy, etc. You can also write about response time of aid or what the international community response was. Another interesting topic could be the use of things like twitter to raise money.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that this could be done with quite a bit of research and evidence to support.  I think that you can identify any of the particular areas to place attention.  Obviously, in recounting the exact moments that followed the catastrophic events, I think you might have to engage in some research from the news reports last week.  Perhaps, another slant could be to report on the different humanitarian events and endeavors that are being done in response to the earthquake.  I think that in writing any newspaper article, the facts and details must be corroborated by first hand accounts in conjunction with the attempt to give an entire articulation of what is taking place.

mkcapen1 | Student

Since we can not write your paper for you, I can give you some facts to help you out.

Port a Prince is built on soil which made it susceptible to landslides and poor support in the event of an earthquake.

The recent earthquake was considered to be a shallow quake and did not allow much time to warn people.

Many of the buildings in Haiti were of low safety standards. 

The buildings crumbled quickly trapping many thousands of residents under rubble.

Thousands of people lie dead in the streets and alleyways. 

Nursing home patients have gone unattended and died from lack of services. 

Medical supplies, food, and water are in great demand and low supply.

Efforts to obtain and deliver relief to the country has been a world wide effort.

Hospitals have been destroyed and medical clinics causing patients to have to travel long distances for treatment.

The death toll was at 200,000 but has continued to climb.

Efforts to free people trapped under the fallen buildings included the support of different nations through military relief. 

The longer it takes to pull people from the debris the more the death rate will climb.

The agency Doctors with Borders was turned away several times because of the state of the airports inability to allow the many planes that are coming in daily.

The world continues to watch in sadness as the misery of the people in Haiti projects over the television.

fatbootyshaker | Student

I need a newpaper article about what happen in haiti

please tell me you have it!