I need to write a very small essay/paragraph about Anne Cannon, the astromator who became deaf in the 30's. I just need the major points of her life in simple terms because I will have to sign this in my ASL class.

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Anne Jump Cannon was born to a wealthy family in 1863.  Her mother instilled in young Anne an appreciation of astronomy as she taught her about the constellations.  Anne grew up and went to Wellesley College to take courses in physics and astronomy.  While there, Anne became seriously ill with scarlet fever.  She recovered from it, but the illness caused almost complete hearing loss.  She still continued her studies and graduated with a degree in physics in 1884.

Anne was disappointed to find that there were "limited career options open to women" in her field of study.  She also faced limitations because of her deafness.  She began taking graduate courses at Wellesley, and eventually went to Radcliffe College.  She obtained a master's degree from Wellesley.  

Anne began working at the Harvard College Observatory, where her job was to "reduce data and carry out astronomical observations."  Anne Cannon eventually took over data analysis and star classification, where she created her "own scheme which resulted in the famous OBAFGKM classification which is still used today."  She discovered about three hundred stars and was an innovator in the field of astronomy.

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