I need to write a short story and review for a writing assessment. Please can anyone give me tips on what the examiners are looking out for? Please help! I have this assessment next week; it is an English language task. The short story must be given the title of one of Shakespeare's quotations or play titles. The review must be about a tv program. I am unsure about the kinds of things that examiners might be looking out for.

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This seems to be a very open-ended assignment. I believe, by reading your explanation, that the examiners are looking for you to connect a title of a work by Shakespeare to a television program and justify why it fits. Therefore, your short story should be based upon a possible episode for a show which could be titled using the name of one of Shakespeare's plays.

An example which you could complete is in taking Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night" would be writing a story on how mistaken identity plays a part in the whole--as seen in an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." This episode was shown in 1990.

Another play you could use to relate to a television program is "All's Well That Ends Well." You could easily take any television sitcom and relate it to the title given most sitcoms follow the typical short story format. All have a beginning (introduction of the characters and setting), a rising action (introduction of the conflict), climax (the conflict reaches the highest point), falling action (the conflict has been fixed and story is wrapping up), and a conclusion (the story ends). Given that all sitcoms (unless they take place over multiple episodes) hold up the fact that "all's well that ends well." Therefore, any story which you create would end well and all would be fine.

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