I need to write a satirical essay on Macbeth (kind of like Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel) what are some real-life events and/or situations in Macbeth that mirror real life?

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One of the biggest parallels to real life that would be fun to explore in this vein of writing is the idea of the “power couple.” In Shakespeare’s play, the titular character and his wife Lady Macbeth conspire to achieve the goal of Macbeth taking the Scottish throne. The two of them together are ruthless, power-hungry, equal partners in the success of their plans.

Some modern-day political power couples include Donald & Melania Trump and Barack & Michelle Obama, which could allow you to write political satire.

In popular culture, the most notable example is Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who just announced the release of their joint album and the video for their single “APES***.” This power couple consists of two individuals who have reached the height of financial and artistic success, yet together possess even more power: only these two could convince the proprietors of the Louvre to use the museum as a backdrop for a hip hop music video.

I think this would be an enjoyable, interesting angle to explore in your essay.

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