I need to write a research paper on a topic related to mass media. Where do I start?

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Wow! There seem to be few limits on your project. If you are to study mass media in general, as opposed to focusing your research on one medium (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.), consider studying an area of interest to you in regard its relationship to media. For instance, are you interested in politics, history, sports, science, literature, or art? You would enjoy your research more if you were spending your time reading and writing about something that you really wanted to know more about. For example, if I were writing this paper, I would probably look at the manner in which mass media has impacted current American presidential politics. Since that is a very broad question, I would narrow it down to be more specific and to make sure I could cover my limited topic in the number of words required by the assignment.

If I were allowed to research one medium, instead of media in general, I might focus on current American presidential politics in relation to TV news coverage. I might also focus on the medium itself, such as examining the current state of American newspapers: Can they survive this economic climate?

Once you have your limited topic, begin by asking questions, as many as you can think of in regard to your limited topic. From these many questions, you can select the one that you most want to answer through research. When you have completed your research, you should have an answer to your question. This answer will be your thesis statement which you will then explain and support in your paper, using facts and information developed from your research sources.

Go to the link below for a very helpful enotes source in writing research papers. Good luck!

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