I need to write a research paper on Antigone. What are some possible topics that I could consider for a 7-10 page essay? 

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I loved this play when I first read it in high school. This brings up the question: How is the play relevant today, and how has it influenced other works of drama and literature. How has it entered into our culture? Where are the allusions in modern works?

Another topic to consider is to what degree Antigone's being a woman has to do with her tragic end.  Is it because she defies the law about women that Antigone meets her end, or is it because she defies Creon's edict?  That is, what role gender plays in this tragedy could be a topic.

One theme might possibly be this: what makes this a great and powerful tragedy, as it is usually considered?  More specifically, how is the work designed, structured, and written in such a way that it has an memorable impact?  Of course, you will probably be reading a translation, and it is always difficult to judge the quality of literary works unless one can read them in the original language.  However, you may be able to find a fairly literal...

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