I need to write a report of "hollywood 's indians stereotypes". can anyone give me some ideas and examples? english

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Hollywood has stereotyped North American Native Americans by representing their many tribes, different beliefs, and varied practices as one.  Lack of knowledge, and an apparent lack of interest in being accurate, led Hollywood to present these diverse groups very inaccurately and as one group.

Popular radio and television shows from the early days of radio and TV perpetuated the stereotypes of earlier movies.  These stereotypes exaggerated what was considered positive traits (hunter/warrior, loyal, understanding of nature, etc.) or negative traits (savage, alcoholic, less smart than the white settlers, etc.).

What may be true for one tribe is not necessarily true for another.  Some Native American were nomadic and lived in tipis, for example, while others were not and they lived in permanent structures, planting and growing food in the same area year-long. Some critics claim that no Indian tribes had chiefs and that this was a made up title so European leaders had an equal to negotiate with.

With so much early media available on YouTube, you should be able to find ample evidence to further support your research.

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