I need to write a prayer can you please help me?please give me examples don't tell what should i focuse on

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You can pray for anything and when writing your prayer, just pretend you are talking to God. Prayer is not always asking God for things. You can pray to thank him for things. You can pray for things you need, you can pray for other people. You can pray for the situation in the world, you can pray for the people in Haiti. You can pray for our country, you can pray for our president. Depending on what your religion is, you can focus on some of these elements in the prayer, especially when you address God. For example, in the Jewish faith, some Jews do not use the name of God. They believe God is too holy for this. In the Islamic faith, God is referred to as Allah. In the Christian faith, God is referred to as "Father" or "Heavenly Father" - so you will have to decide this for yourself. Prayers do not have to use formal and stiff language, but should be from the heart. So I would advise you to write your prayer from the heart. You are a young person, only in 9th grade, and in the Christian faith (of which I am a member), the Bible says that God loves children. You are a young person, very precious to God, so perhaps you could consider this in writing your prayer. I hope this helps.