I need to write a persuasive paper in connection to an important international event, crisis, or issue within the last ten years. What are some different events I could talk about and what exactly...

I need to write a persuasive paper in connection to an important international event, crisis, or issue within the last ten years. What are some different events I could talk about and what exactly should I discuss in order to support my argument?

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Interesting question and what a nice assignment! I will list for you some important international events you might consider writing about below and some ideas for each one plus discussion topics:

1) The Russian annexation of Crimea

For this one, there are a few topics you could handle. For example, you might discuss how native Crimeans are responding to this crisis. How Crimeans view the annexation

Also, another topic you might consider: the ramifications of Russian control of Crimean energy resources. NATO Crimea/Russian energy dimensions. Crimea was well on its way to energy independence from Russia when the annexation took place.

The implications of Russian control of energy in Europe in general is also interesting. Who gains from Russian/Ukranian gas conflict.

You might discuss what you think are the dangers of Europe being dependent on Russia for its energy needs. Do you agree that Europe should be independent? What are Russian goals for the region? Read about Russia's ultimate goal for Europe below; it will help you decide whether you support the Crimean annexation or not, and you can craft your thesis and supporting arguments from there.

Russia's ultimate goal for Europe

2) Iran and the nuclear deal

You might have heard about the Iran nuclear deal with Western powers lately. You might be able to write about whether you agree with abolishing economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for some concessions by Iran on development of its nuclear capabilities.

Consider whether such a deal would benefit Western nations, any countries in the East or Iran and what the implications are for global security. Here are some links you might find useful:

Can Iran be trusted?

How an Iranian deal could benefit India

Main points of the Nuclear agreement

A history of Iran's nuclear program

Israeli response

Disagreements between Iran and the US on the nuclear deal fact sheet.

3) Ebola and global readiness for a full-scale epidemic

This is an interesting one. You can discuss whether the world is ready for a full scale outbreak. What have governments done to prepare for such an event and were adequate measures taken in recent outbreaks? Should quarantines be forced upon citizens if necessary?

Ebola response: good, bad or not enough?

the release of Ebola drugs: ethical issues

West Africa turns to quarantines

What a past epidemic teaches us about Ebola

4) The spread of ISIS throughout the Middle East

You might consider whether the current response to ISIS by free countries in the East and West is adequate. What would you support in terms of a global military response? Should it be containment through a combination of air strikes and training of the Peshmerga ground forces?  Or should American forces lead on the ground offensive? You can support either one and talk about why you support that particular method of preventing the spread of ISIS.

Should ISIS be contained and how containment works.

Generals talk about how to defeat ISIS.

The role of Iraq and Syria in containing ISIS

Bad idea to commit US troops?

How containment is the best strategy to degrade ISIS

Hope this helps you with some ideas. Thanks for the great question!

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