I need to write a monologue for English about The Crucible, and I'm struggling for ideas. Can anyone give me a character and a point in the play in which I could write a monologue. I have to perform it as well.

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What an interesting assignment! I've always thought Mary Warren was one of the most pivotal characters in this drama. There is so much to observe in terms of her motivations. At first she enjoys the attention and admiration for being "an official of the court," which, of course makes her employer, John Proctor, angry. Proctor convinces her she needs to tell the truth out of respect for his wife Elizabeth and for the good of Salem Village, which has been torn apart by the trials. Her deposition reveals she never saw anyone bewitched.

But Mary is not strong enough to withstand Abigail's manipulation, and when Abigail gets the other girls to mock and imitate Mary in the courtroom, and pretend she has bewitched them, she decides to back down and wants to be included with the girls' circle of protection. It is not necessarily loyalty to Abigail, but rather fear of Abigail that changes her mind; Mary knows she could easily be accused of witchcraft also. She has seen how easily innocent people...

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