illustration of main character Hannah opening a door which leads to a barbed wire fence

The Devil's Arithmetic

by Jane Yolen
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I need to write a full page summary based on Ch 12, can I have your help and assistance? I need to write a full page summary based on Ch. 12. May I have your help and assistance?

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In your summary, here are some of the main events:

  • At the work camp, the women had their heads shaved to prevent head lice.
  • Her sanity was reminded by the saying "Don't think. Do."
  • She chose clothing from a pile of filthy, worn out clothing and helped dress¬†the child, Tzipporah.
  • She was tattoed with her prisoner number by the man whose daughter had the same first name and had worn the dress Hannah (Chaya) chose.
  • She helped Gitl get the other women settled into the barracks.
  • They learn that without laughter, there is no hope. With no hope, there is no life.
  • When they ask for food for the children, a guard pointed out the smoke stack and told them the smoke was Jew smoke. They would eat when they were fed and not before, or they would be Jew smoke.
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