If I need to write a cover letter for Beowulf, who should I write it to? And what kind of job can apply for today's world? Again, my teacher wants me to write a cover letter with a resume for Beowulf. Can anyone help me? How can I start? Thank you

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It might be interesting to make Beowulf's job something that is unrelated to war and survival.  After all, many of his traits - independence, tenacity, strong sense of duty, compassion, leadership - are traits that would be helpful in any number of jobs.

For example, wouldn't Beowulf make an interesting teacher?  Or perhaps a company president?  Or even a salesman - consider his determination, especially when holding on to Grendel's arm.! 

Once you've picked your job:

1. Start with a salutation (Dear ________,)

2. Have Beowulf introduce himself and his main qualities.

3. He should then announce what he is writing for.

4. Next paragraph, go through why he is good for this position.  List examples from his "previous jobs"

5. Final paragraph, explain why he is interested in the job and thank the reader.

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I think it would be fun to pretend Beowulf is writing to President Bush for the unenviable job of Homeland Security.  Like the threat of Grendel, he could point out that he is the one who can "end the war on terror," find Osama bin Laden (have him compare his tracking down of Grendel's mother), his ability to be a diplomat (he travels to Herot and is welcomed by Hrothgar), his willingness to stick to plans and difficult tasks that others disagree with. 

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For the resume portion, you would list all of Beowulf's Anglo-Saxon characteristics such as bravery, loyalty, independence, strength in battle, generosity, sympathy for others, etc.  You would also want to list his accomplishments such as leading a band of men, killing Grendel and his mother, leading the Danish kingdom, and fighting the dragon.  

For the cover letter, you would want to write to an employer who would appreciate those qualities.  In today's society, what job would require those qualities?  Maybe a spy, military leader, political leader, SWAT team, bounty hunter...if you list all his qualities first, then you will be able to what he has to offer an employer and it will be easier to decide on a job.

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