With Elizabeth Bishop's poem "A Miracle for Breakfast," what are some things in the poem that can be used for a paper on context and analysis?

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Typical of Bishop's poetry, "A Miracle for Breakfast" is a pictorial poem with vivid descriptions, a poem that incongruously conforms to strict form as a sestina while it evolves into surrealistic ambiguity as the concrete images of place become the self-referential imaginings of the speaker's mind. For, Elizabeth Bishop held that close observation of material reality wrought the likelihood of perceiving that which lies beyond "the pasteboard mask" as Herman Melville expressed it.

Within the sestina form of six stanzas and six lines that conclude with a three-line stanza, the same set of six words ends each of the lines of each of the stanzas, although in each stanza the word order differs. In this poem, those repeated words are coffee, crumb,...

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