I need to write an essay on music with 3 supports to my thesis.

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This is a fairly standard essay setup. Your task is to come up with a thesis and support it in three ways. This would create the standard five paragraph student essay. The first paragraph is your introduction with thesis statement. The next three paragraphs contain your three supporting arguments, and the final paragraph is your conclusion. Based on the essay prompt provided in this eNotes question, the essay thesis is wide open. On one hand, this is nice because it gives you a lot of different directions that you could possibly take for your thesis and essay. On the other hand, it's frustrating because the prompt offers very little guidance.

My first piece of advice is to figure out what argument you want to make about music. You have to argue something in a thesis. It can't be a statement of fact, because then there is nothing to prove and support. You could argue that music is beneficial. You could argue that it is distracting. You could argue that modern day artists are simply taking old forms and putting a modern spin on them. It really is up to you.

Once you have a general idea of what your argument is going to be, you need to put it in a concise thesis statement. You do not want a thesis statement to be a rambling, long sentence. It needs to be somewhat direct, and it needs to set up your reader for the coming argumentative support. I like the two-sided thesis format that starts with the word "although." I like it because it sets up an argument and a counter-argument for the writer to discuss. For example: "Although much of modern electronic dance music is still very much considered underground music, it has begun to influence mainstream music in country, pop, and even rap genres."

This thesis is probably best supported in four body paragraphs. The first paragraph would explain what electronic dance music (EDM) is and why it is an "underground" form of music. The next three paragraphs would show how EDM is influencing those three particular music genres.

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You can go so many places with this topic. You can write about the benefits of playing or listening to music, for example. You also might want to talk about the variety of music available. Music can also be used in therapy, for sick or stressed people.
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Based on your age/grade and the very broad topic of "music" for this essay, I am going to make the following suggestions.  Be sure to follow all directions from your teacher first, and then see how this advice fits your assignment.

  1. Create an open-ended question revolving around the subject of music.  If you are allowed to use personal stories (in 9th grade, I assume they are encouraged), make it a personal question.  Examples might include: How does music affect your life?  What kind of music defines your personality?  How has music been a positive thing for teenagers?  How can music be a negative thing for teenagers?
  2. Pre-write by brainstorming as many answers as possible to this question.  Feel free to write hypothetical ideas as well as personal experiences or observations.  This allows you to put down every possible idea in your head and then some.
  3. Categorize your ideas into three logical groups.  If these groups do not have a label, give them one, as these will become your three topic sentences.  Examples might include: Music positively affects teenagers mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  4. Answer your open-ended question (from step 1) in a complete sentence that includes your three categories (from step 3).  This will be your thesis statement.
  5. Make sure you have 1 or 2 specific examples that illustrate each topic sentence.  With a full explanation of your example(s), you should be able to cover the meat of your paragraphs.  Add an intro and conclusion and you are finished.
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