Christopher Marlowe

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I need to write an essay on 'Marlowe as a dramatist'. I do not have any book or other resources like library.Nothing much is available on google.Any suggestion key features of Marlowe's writing..

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While you are certainly right that the library might provide better resources, the Internet does offer some resources you may not have found.  The problem might be in the way you are conducting your search.  When you type "Christopher Marlowe as dramatist" into your search, you are given mostly lists of books.  Instead, begin by reading about Christopher Marlowe's life and career overall.  Although he was also a poet, he is famous for his dramas, and many sites will give you considerable information.  Many believe that had Christopher Marlowe not been killed at an early age in a bar brawl, he might have gone on to become as great as or even greater than Shakespeare as a playwright. 

You will learn that Marlowe was born in 1564 (the same year as Shakespeare) and died in 1593.  Most of his plays  have themes of heroism or deal with characters whose ambition led to their downfall (like Doctor Faustus). His plays are highly acclaimed for their poetic elegance, and he is considered to have influenced some of Shakespeare's writing. Marlowe was also the first dramatist to introduce blank verse to drama; this was another way in which he led the way for Shakespeare's great plays.

You can also look up some of Marlowe's famous plays, such as Doctor Faustus, Tamburlaine the Great, and The Duchess of Malfi.  The e-notes study guide on Doctor Faustus (see link below) provides biographical information on Marlowe beyond what I've indicated above. You can find online summaries of these plays to support your research about Marlowe as a dramatist.  You can also use "Elizabethan Drama" as a search term; see also the reference to the e-notes study of Elizabethan Drama below. 

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