I need to write an essay on locus of control for seventh grade. What you think they need to know about the concept of locus of control?using a variety of expository techniques to explian

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The term "locus of control" refers to what causes the good or bad results in a person's life, either in general or in a specific area such as health or school. To what extent does a person believe he/she can control what happens to him/her? Does the individual have more control over what happens to him? Do external forces have more control of what happens to him? This is referred to as "internal locus of control" (former question) and "external locus of control" (latter question).

Studies show that people with a higher degree of "internal locus of control" are more likely to take an active role in making good choices in life rather than to blame everyone else for what happens, so when writing to seventh and eighth graders, I would focus on this aspect.

You will probably want to write something that would encourage these young teens to make good choices in life - not get into destructive behaviors; develop good study habits; not become bullies; not let themselves be bullied, etc. Make sure you relate it to their lives, otherwise you will lose your audience. Focus on challenges that these young teens face on a daily basis. Make a strong argument for them taking control. At the end, offer resources.

You will want to use the expository techniques to get your point across, i.e., get the reader's attention, list facts, outline your argument, give concrete examples, etc.

See the examples of expository writing here on enotes. There is another link to expository writing that will help you formulated your essay.