I need to write an essay on the importance of family in Bud, Not Buddy. What topics could I discuss?

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I would think that the importance of family becomes one of the most dominant topics in the book.  A couple of points can be made here.  The first would be that Bud's concept of "rememory" is what drives him.  This is the vision of him being a part of his family and it is what represents his primary motivation.  In the same light, Bud has been able to understand that his foster family experience represents what family should not be.  In conceptualizing both an ideal vision of family and the realistic experience of what it cannot be, Bud considers this to be an important enough and worthy enough goal to drive him and believe in it.  Bud recognizes this enough to be the reason for the journey to continue and I think that this might be a point to make.  His journey is not undertaken unless family is involved.  Consider what else he carries with him in that his suitcase, the collection of his prized possession.  The picture of his mother and the blue flyer with his father's name represents how important family is  for him.  It is so important that physical objects such as stones revered by his mother holds symbolic meaning and I think that this is another point to make on the importance of family.  When objects hold sentimental value, it is reflective of the emotional importance that Bud has for family in his journey.

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