I need to write an essay describing America's foreign policy with the Country of Austria and can't seem to find information

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A web search can yield some fairly interesting results.  I think that starting out with the State Department's position on Austria might be a very good initial point of analysis.  Sensing how the state department views Austria would allow you to have a good feel on where "the company line" stands with Austria and how foreign policy is directed towards it.  This might also allow you to sense where there are points of common strength and potential areas for challenge on the horizon in assessing the relationship between the two nations.  The next area I would pay attention to would be the Wikipedia article that addresses "Austria- United States Relationship" as a good source for additional sources that could yield valuable information.  I think that I would then look up some of those sources used for different pieces of information as to help construct the relationship between the two nations.  Finally, I think that the rest of the web is at your disposal here.  Gaining insight and assessing the nature of other sources such as blogs, articles, and publications could help tremendously here.

tomsmith2010 | Student

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