I need to write about motivation and i have the resources  i need just 6 pages .

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Without knowing what information you have gathered, it is not possible to specifically direct your composition of a research paper. However, here are some general directions that should assist you in the organization and writing of your paper.:

1. Organize your ideas 

The most commonly taught system for keeping track of research information involves putting notes on index cards. Most researchers prefer two sets of cards, one larger than the other: the 4"x6" size for the source, and the 5"x8" for notes on these sources. If you will put your sources in the correct format for a bibliography (Works Cited page), you will save yourself much time later. Adding you own code on the card, such as the author's last name, or numbering or lettering, will also save you time as you take notes and write a draft for your research paper. Perhaps, too, you will want to add a brief note on what the source is about.

2. Be careful to keep track of your sources' words and ideas so that you do not plagiarize.

3. By taking notes you become involved with the material that you have read, thus, you will understand it better.

4. When you go to write, look at your notes and consider what general statement you can make about the material you have read on motivation. e.g. Ask yourself "What does motivation do for a person?" or "How does motivation affect people's actions?" or "How is motivation an essential ingredient in people's lives?" The answer to one of these questions will bring about your thesis statement; furthermore, this thesis statement should have 3 major topics. Also, using an outline for your information and ideas is most helpful. Work out your major ideas, supporting ideas, and specific support for your paper; this will give you skeletal information that will look like this:

Introduction, containing a motivator to get the reader's attention in the form of an inspiring idea, a quotation, or an observation, along with a 'working thesis" which has 3 major parts (topics) e.g.kinds of motivation, 3 was motivation works, etc.)

I. First major topic
    A. Support idea
    B. Support idea --> (Turn to your notecards for these)
    C. Support idea

II. Second major topic
    A. Support idea
    B. Support idea
    C. Support idea

III. Third major topic
    A. Support idea
    B. Support idea
    C. Support idea

Conclusion--restated working thesis

If you use about 1 1/2-1 3/4 pages for each topic you will fill about 5 pages, so with the introduction and conclusion, you will complete 6 pages. 

For more help see the download link below for Bailey and Powell's Practical Writer and two other sources that can help you.