I need to write about how difficult situations reveal the essence of the characters in the play.I need to write about how difficult situations reveal the essence of the characters in the play.

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You learn a lot about Mercutio in Act III, Scene 1.  Throughout the play, he comes off as a happy go lucky, humorous foil to Romeo's serious and often morbid nature.  He often makes fun of Romeo for letting little things bother him.  However, in Act III, Scene 1 Mercutio shows he can't just let go of situations that bother him so easily either.  In this scene he acts aggressively and even antogonistically and daring.  Benvolio even warned him at the beginning of the scene that it would be best if they left because he sensed trouble; however, Mercutio quickly dismissed him.  When trouble did come, even though it wasn't even directed at him, he insisted in getting involved.  This subborness and aggression provoked the fight with Tybalt, who uncharacteristically had no interest in a fight (with anyone besides Romeo that is).   After losing the duel, he blames the Montagues and Capulets for his death.  This shows his true character is not only a wreckless and aggressive one, contrary to the happy go lucky disposition he originally asserted, but also one who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions.

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The difficult situation in which Romeo and Juliet found themselves revealed that they were poor problem solvers. First, they chose to sacrifice their family life for a relationship that was still too new to know if it was real and sustainable. In addition, they sacrificed their lives as having no value when they thought the other was gone. This is poor problem solving as well. This revealed children who wanted to play grown-up, but did not yet have quality problem solving abilities that one would expect to find in grown-ups.

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Romeo and Juliet's final scene in the vault reveals the strength of their devotion to one another.  Neither can imagine living without the other, and they each take their own lives when faced with the loss of the other.  We may have questioned their love and their youthful attitudes as we read the play, but their final actions speak for themselves. 

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We learn a lot about the characters through their reaction to conflicts.  The initial conflict of the play offers some incite into the characters Benvolio and Tybalt.  Benvolio wants the fighting to stop.  He tries to get the men to put up their swords.  This tells us that Benvolio is really a gentleman.  He doesn't agree with fighting in the streets where innocent people could be hurt.  He appeals to Tybalt for help, but Tybalt refuses.  Tybalt's reaction shows us how he will respond in the rest of the play.  He wants the fighting to continue and refuses to let any offenses pass.

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I think that you could get a great deal of insight into the character of the Capulet family in the confrontation between parents and daughter.  Act III, sc. 5 goes very far in revealing how there is a fundamental schism between Juliet and her parents.  This scene reflect how both daughter and parents represent opposite ends of the emotional spectrum.  This particular scene reflects how child and daughter perceive their states of being in the world.  Lady Capulet  and Lord Capulet believe that Juliet needs to be obedient to her parents.  At the same time, this particular scene also brings out how Juliet is no longer the submissive child that will bend to the will of her parents.  Juliet's love to Romeo is not temporary or something transitory.  Rather, it is real, something to which Juliet will commit her life.  In this scene, both the will of Juliet and Capulets are present.

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Hi lindsayblairr

The conflict between the two families not only reveal the essence of Romeo and Juliet but also shows how love grows when the lovers share and bear a difficult situation. They seek a possibility in the impossible and gain strength from their love to the degree to drink the poison and accept death. They experience and demonstrate that loving is doing everything for your loved one. They also exhibit a sudden self-growth that makes them dare to protest against the established rules of those times.

The best of luck with your writing assignment.

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