I need to write 5 poems for my English class, im done with 4 im on the last on and it has to be LYRIC POEM with alliteration, assonance, exact rhyme. Oh and it has to be original. IM NOT asking anyone to write it for me. I just need insprition and help on a couple stanzas. And its due tmrw.

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Lyric poetry addresses the speaker's emotions. They can relate specific events, but the overall purpose is to show an emotional experience or reaction. It is hard to provide inspiration for poetry to someone else, especially if you've never met the person, but here are a few brainstorming ideas that will hopefully help you.

1) Think about experiences or situations that provoked a specific emotional response from you. Free write about that experience and WHY you responded with the emotion you did (be it fear, anger, joy, sadness, etc).

2) Make lists of words and their synoymys that connect with both the experience and the emotion. Theses words will help capture the idea and achieve the sound elements required.

3) Think outside the box about ordering. Poetry doesn't have to follow a chronological sequence. It doesn't even have to follow the standard syntax order (verbs can come before their subjects, etc). Be creative.

Final thoughts, Wordsworth said that poetry should be a "spontaneous overflow of emotion." Capture the emotion first, and on a second draft work on the required elements.

I hope this helps!

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