Communication in Organizations

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I need to work on an assignment responding to a prompt: "without communication organization cannot function".

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Every aspect of business depends on communication. Business communications can be divided into internal and external communications, both of which are important.

Internal communications are forms of communicating within a business, including between managers and subordinates or among employees. These communications affect the day-to-day functioning of the business. For example, managers need to communicate such details as deadlines, procedures, standards, and codes of conduct to employees so that employees can do their jobs properly. Employees need to update managers concerning project or task status and inform managers when there are problems. Within an organization, employees need to communicate with each other. For example. other members of an organization and the IT staff need to communicate clearly to ensure that IT functions smoothly.

Organizations also need to communicate clearly with suppliers and customers. If suppliers do not have adequate information, they will not be able to meet an organization's needs effectively. In the case of customers, good marketing communication allows customers to find out about products and good customer service communication can resolve conflicts and increase customer satisfaction. 

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