I need a word, beginning with the letter "r" that is slang for "guys who have lots of girls" that is relevant to the time period of Romeo and Juliet. The word would be something comparable to a "player" in today's terms

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A slang word for "guys that have lots of girls" that begins with an "r" is Romeo.  Romeo is used for guys that have alot of girlfriends and are just stringing them along.

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You may mean "rake." (See definition two at dictionary. com)This was definitely a term for a man who was, or was considered to be, a womanizer in Shakespeare's day. Mercutio may fall into this category, having quite a different attitude about love and women than does his friend Romeo. Mercutio does not believe in being tied down. Consider Act 1, Scene 4, lines 26-30. Mercutio tells Romeo: "If love be rough with you, be rough with love; / Prick love for pricking and beat love down. Give me a case to put my visage in: A visor is a visor."

Line should be easily understood: have a thick skin when it comes to love. Line 27 "prick love for pricking" is a sexual double entendre. Putting your "visage" (face) in a case ("a visor for a visor") alludes to the face being a mask, and puns on the masked costume balls that were popular in Shakespeare's time.

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