How to write a 4-page summary on Alfred Binet? It's for Psychology 101, and I don't know where to start.

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Alfred Binet is quite famous in the field of psychology, particularly in the sub-field of psychometrics, which is an area of study that attempts to quantify every psychological behavior, and correlate them to a cognitive area.

We still have psychometric testing done today, mainly in Educational Psychology settings, where children are tested on what they know and in areas where they have either giftedness or need.

Binet was the first person to ever create an intelligence test. He was tasked to do so by the French government so that the main areas of need in slower learners could be identified. 

He is still considered one of the most influential scientists in the field, and his name is synonymous with every intelligence scale that we know. These scales are either attributed primarily to him, or are said to have been inspired by the work that he started. The first intelligence scale was named the Binet-Simon (also named after the scientist who developed it with Alfred), Theodore Simon. This first scale was created in 1908. He died three years later as the third version of the scale was published.

More than one hundred years later, the Binet-Simon has been changed, and contoured to reflect the current needs of students. Nowadays, teachers use the Stanford-Binet scale. This scale is currently on its 5th edition, is still used as individualized intelligence testing, and is still based on what could be easily described as early, rudimentary studies in psychology and behavior. This is how concise and clean the test is, and how effectively it can be molded throughout time.

Another interesting fact about Alfred Binet is that he is a self-taught psychologist; he never attended formal colleges. He was essentially mentored and he stood out by his works more than by his intellect. He is regarded, however, as one of the most influential men in the field and he is extremely important to the field of education.