I need two vocabulary words from the book and the page numbers on which they are found.

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One good vocabulary word is lucid. It was found on page 63 of the paperback I read. Page numbers may vary depending on the publisher, edition, or whether it is hardback or paperback. This is a good word because in context, the reader could determine its meaning. When Fayge replied to Hannah's question about what year it was with 5701, Hannah blurted out that it couldn't be the future. Shmuel explains that since Hannah's illness and the loss of her parents, sometimes she is lucid, and other times she spoke of nonexistent, impossibleĀ things.

Midden is another good word to use. It is on page 116. Within the context of the next paragraph, the reader discovers it is another word for the garbage dump where the youngest children would hide when the commandant inspected. Children were not supposed to be in the work camp. If they were discovered, they would disappear ( be taken off and killed).