I need topics for my autobiography. Please help.

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boomer-sooner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

     An autobiography by definition is an individualized account of your life and who you are as a person.  However, there are a few things it should include to give the reader some sense of who you are and why you have made certain choices.

     The introduction into your autobiography should include a broad picture of how you see yourself, to include what makes you happy and how you see the world.  This will give the reader a sense of how to incorporate your life story into your perception.  One of the best ways to do this is to include a brief summary of your home life, such as your parents, siblings and the environment you were raised.  This allows the reader to self-identify with you.

     After you have established a baseline, you should incorporate major life events or challenges and how you dealt with those situations.  For example, you might describe a particularly tough sports loss, dealing with death, going to college or being fired from a job.  You can draw parallels between your childhood, other events and your point of view to explain to the reader how you handled it.

     Finally, as you complete your autobiography it is important to give the reader a sense of where you are going in life.  Describe your goals and how your past will assist you in reaching those goals.

     Remember when writing an autobiography the stories should interest the reader through humor, fear or self identification.

harmon324 | Student


To want to write your biography is exciting in itself! It means that you feel your life story would be interesting and will help others in one way or the other. The way to approach your biography is understand what aspects of your life you want to be known. You could start with your childhood as far back as you remember, and document the people in your life, and what you were doing.

For example, you could start from where you were raised as a child, as far back as you can remember, the people in your life at that time, and how you went to school and other areas of your life. Ask yourself:

What can you recall during that time you were as a child?

Besides your parent(s), what role did these people have in your life and what meaning did they represent? Give a little summary of each person directly or indirectly played a role in your life.

Who was around you at that time and had an impact on your life?

Do you have sisters and brothers?

For example, I remember as a child, that I was the only child for a while, then every time I turned around there was another baby in the house. I hated that because I wanted to be an only child. 

You could begin to write your biography in segments or age group. 

I hope this helps you formulate your biography for you.