I am in need of a thesis statement that focuses on infatuation and hasty decisions that lead to the tragic deaths in Romeo and Juliet.

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There are couple of convergent realities that are happening in this topic.  I think that no one would be able to construct the thesis statement unless some clear breakdown happens.  It seems that the three ideas that are running into one another, causing an intellectual traffic jam, are the infatuation concept, the hasty decisions, and the death of both lovers.  I think that the challenge here is that I don't necessarily buy the second half.  I thought that the plan that Juliet hatched was fairly detailed and thorough. Involving the different people, being "fake" dead," and then timing the awakening so that she could join Romeo is fairly detailed.   I think that there is a greater story to be told in the idea that the relationship was forged out of infatuation and not a pure sense of emotional understanding between both.  Perhaps, it could be argued that this infatuation led to the idea of needing to escape from Verona, as opposed to remaining and examining the full emotional dimensions of their feelings towards one another.  The plan itself was fairly calculated.  The desire to escape might have represented haste and in this light, one could argue that the desire to leave was a decision made out of haste, and helped to bring about the disaster that followed.

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