What are three of Tessie Hutchinson's character traits from "The Lottery"?

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1. I do not think of Tessie as "dominating" so much as I think she is simply assertive, but, because she is a woman, her personality is interpreted as domineering. It seems that she is expected to be submissive, given the whole process of the lottery where the man draws for the family unless he is absent; then an adult son draws before his mother would step into the father's role. Mrs. Dunbar, for example, only draws for her family because her husband has a broken leg and her son, Horace, is "'not but sixteen yet.'" Clearly men are expected to be the public representatives of their families in this community, while women take a backseat. But Tessie does not, and she is unusual in this way.

2. Tessie also has a sense of humor , something else that seems to differentiate her from her peers. In addition to refusing to take a backseat to her husband, she makes the crowd laugh aloud, twice. First, when she mentions how she could not leave without finishing the dishes, and again when she jokingly...

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