Why can the Renaissance can be considered a "golden age". Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I would say that the Renaissance can be considered a golden age because it was a time when Europe experienced a boom in arts, science and culture.  Because of this, it was a time when things were better in Europe than they had been before (at least in terms of these things).

During the Renaissance, many new technologies emerged that changed people's lives.  One major example is the printing press.  This allowed more people to be exposed to more ideas than was previously possible.

At the same time, there were all sorts of great artists creating masterpieces of art.  By creating these great works, the artists contributed to a time that was richer in culture than any time before (and perhaps any time since).

So this was a golden age because it was a time of major advances in various areas of culture.  It was a time that was more advanced than times before and that makes it a golden age.

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