i need a thesis topic relating to  the culture industry  

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Coming up with a topic you actually care about is an important step because it will help you be interested in what you're writing about. The culture industry has a realm of things that could be written about, such as the impact of television on today's children vs. the impact of television on children who were born before the 2000s.

You could also look more closely at a social media platform and analyze how it's affecting teenagers and young adults. For example, consider Instagram. People are free to post photos and most often, they're photos that show the brighter points in someone's life—a great body, a partner, a vacation, etc. How does the way people present themselves in photos impact mental health? What negative consequences could be drawn from this type of social media platform?

Magazines, too, should be considered, as there are many different types that serve a different purpose. There are food magazines that give us healthy recipes and magazines for kids that teach them important values. But what about tabloids? What do those breed within our culture and how do they potentially affect the lives of the people being written about and given (often unwanted) attention?

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A thesis topic is the main idea that is to be presented in your paper. A thesis statement is a summary of the position to be developed more completely in the body of your paper.

The culture industry could include many different types of activities that could lend themselves to research and presentation for your thesis. You could examine the relationship between playing of video games and academic performance for students in a given age group. You could explore the use of social media and how it is impacting attitudes and/or conduct in a given group of society. You could consider the proliferation of television networks and how the explosion of choices is affecting popular culture. The key lies in identifying a topic about which you care.

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