I need a thesis statement relating the hero's journey to Ralph Ellison's Battle Royal. Do you have any ideas?

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The hero's journey is a pattern commonly found in narratives throughout history involving the hero—the main character the story follows—and his or her growth as a character through a series of challenges and heroic triumphs. Ellison's "Battle Royal" is the first chapter of his novel Invisible Man, so unsurprisingly, it exhibits characteristics of the early stages of a hero's journey.

1. Introduction to Our Hero in the Ordinary World.  The novel does not immediately begin at the center of the action. As is typical of a hero's journey, the first step in the story's progression is simply that we are introduced to our unnamed narrator, who tells us about his background growing up as a black youth during the turbulent time of the Reconstruction era, a time when America attempted to mend racial relationships and inequality, an attempt the novel ultimately suggests was unsuccessful. The narrator also recalls some advice his grandfather—a mentor-like figure—gave him before his death: "I...

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