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I need thesis for Margaret Fuller, regarding her interest in transcendentalism, women rights, or her writing.

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[I will provide you with a sample thesis statement that you may want to modify, or use as a guide in writing your own.]

It has been my experience that when reference is made to women responsible for writing about the rights of women, Mary Wollstonecraft has been given the credit. An English woman, Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman in 1792. It was a literary anthem for many women, though not well accepted by men of that era. With political overtones, it argued for women's rights and equality, receiving a great deal of attention.

In 1845, fifty-two years later, an American woman, Margaret Fuller, also wrote to advocate the rights of women. Trying to soften her message somewhat, avoiding the political, she penned Woman in the Nineteenth Century.

The plight of women can be seen in the following description:

At the beginning of the [19th] century, women enjoyed [none of the rights we do today]: they could not vote,...could not testify in court, had extremely limited...

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