I need a thesis for The Giver regarding coming of age.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Significantly, just as Christ began his teaching in the temple at the age of twelve, the children of the society of The Giver begin their life roles. However, while they are like Jesus in that they are assigned their roles --Jesus tells his parents, Mary and Joseph, that he must be about his "Father's business" [Luke 2:49]--the twelve-year-olds of the society of Lowry's dystopia greatly differ in that they are appointed to rather pointless positions as the society is so anesthetized by having color removed from their sight, strong emotional words deleted, individuality tapered, life diluted to few activities, and deceptions promulgated. For instance, the friend of Jonas, Fiona, enjoys caring for the elderly, not knowing that she will be unwittingly involved in their disposal as they are "released."

Here, then, is a thesis statement: Coming of age for most in The Giver becomes a euphemism for the imprisonment of mind and body in a position assigned to a person in the Community.