How has John McCain set a positive example for others?How has John McCain set a positive example for others? How has he influenced others? How does he behave towards other people and himself?What...

How has John McCain set a positive example for others?

How has John McCain set a positive example for others? How has he influenced others? How does he behave towards other people and himself?What has he done to our society?What has he been recognized for?

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As a person, an individual, I respect McCain. I consider him honorable and courageous. I personally believe that he either got bad advice, or got caught up in the campaign, because I think he is above the way he acted in the 2008 election.
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He has spent a lifetime in miltary and public service.  He has voted his conscience throughout most of his career, whether or not his party agreed (at least before he ran for President).  He has admitted when he has made mistakes, both personal and professional, and his concession speech in the 2008 election was one of the best I've heard.

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John McCain has actually ruined his reputation through this campaign.  He ran a very "dirty" campaign, and went against a lot of his core values just to win votes. I do not respect John McCain as far as politics go. I do respect that he was a POW, and has fought for our country, but he is just like every other dirty dealing politician.

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John McCain, like any other person, influences the people around him his choices, decisions and core beliefs.  Your question is very broad and could better be answered if you were less general in your search.  For example, if you asked, "How has John McCain affected young people?" we could look at his voting records for things such as education (No Child Left Behind), abortion (almost strictly pro-life), and family (hetero marriage, child support, aid to families who struggle financially).  Looking specifically at these points could lead you to say that he has done a lot to promote healthy futures for young people.  A closer look at his personal failed marriage would spark a debate about his ability to lead a family, and therefore a generation, well.   I suggest that you try to ask very focused questions.  Grab a stack of index cards and title them such as: Family, Military, Morals, Economy, Republican Party, Alliances, etc.  Then on those cards, write SPECIFIC questions you would like to have answered.  Only after you fill in the specific details can you make a general statement such as, "John McCain is a moral character that has the ability to protect the future of his followers."  Also, in your research, be advised that you have the ability to look at his personal voting record for EVERYTHING he has voted on since becoming a politician.  This will help you to differentiate campaign rhetoric and what he has actually done.

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