What is a survey question about vital courage?

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When we use a survey for research methods we are collecting information about the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the specific population that we are studying. There are many different types of surveys including questionnaires and interviews.  When you are collecting information from a survey there are four types of data including nominal data, ordinal data, interval data, and ratio data. When you are asking a survey you are most likely to be using ordinal data. An examples of ordinal data is when we use a Likert Scale where 1 is very unlikely and 5 is very likely.

If your topic is about vital courage you may want to ask a question about what type of behavior exhibit courage. For example: How likely is serving in the military to exhibit vital courage.

1 - Very Unlikely 2-Unlikely 3-Indifferent 4- Likely 5-Very Likely