i need the summary of " the summer of beautiful white horse"....can ny1 plzzzz tell me plzz  nooo

cstyee | Student

Aram and Mourad are cousins in the Garoghlanian family, which has a reputation for honesty that has been maintained by its family members for hundreds of years. Yet the tribe is poverty stricken. Both boys long to ride a horse, but their poverty keeps them from their deepest dream. Early one morning, Mourad shows up at Aram's home on a white horse. He is determined to keep it, and they try their best to keep the horse a secret from others and learn to ride it. Although Aram thinks that Mourad had probably stolen the horse, he tells himself that this was a foolish thing to believe, with the family's reputation of honesty. In the days that follow, mourad ride merrily and Aram studied how to ride a horse about the countryside.But he could never ride it.

One day when Mourad and Aram are taking the horse to the farm at which they have been hiding it, they come face to face with the horse's owner farmer John Byro. He looks at the horse very eagerly and studies it tooth by tooth. He exclaims that this white horse is identical to the one horse he owns. Finally he says that it cannot be the same one, for the Garoghlanian tribe is noted for its honesty. Aram notes that Mourad looks quite ashamed, though he admits nothing. That night the boys take the horse back to its own farm. The next day John Byro visits the Garoghlanian family home to tell of a great miracle. The horse which had mysteriously disappeared from his barn has returned! It was a very amazing happening; and the horse returned better trained and well-tempered. All this happend due to Mourad. This is the story of the beautiful white horse.

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